Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo, 1963-2007

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I bear horribly terrible news. Mike Wieringo passed away this weekend from an apparent heart attack. I personally did not know this man of immense talent, but my boys and I were very big fans and have followed his career since the early days. Mike brought so much personality and energy into his characters by the simple means of his weapon of choice, the mighty pencil. From his run on DC’s The Flash to a series very dear to our hearts — Tellos, right on down to Spidey and the Fantastic Four, his pages brought us much entertainment and admiration. He will sorely be missed, and we hang our heads in a moment of silence.

Then we shall sharpen our pencils and carry on proudly with his very spirit flowing from our lines! We love you, and will miss you!

Bonus Art

A few weeks ago Jay discovered some T-shirts featuring pin-up girls wearing the uniforms of Cuban National baseball teams. After some research, he discovered the artist, Andres Garcia, was basically the Cuban Normal Rockwell. He did lots covers for Carteles magazine. These baseball pin-ups had been a series he did in the late 50's. So, in honor of his hometown Milwaukee Brewers, (who are on the upswing of the 25 year cycle of Milwaukee baseball teams kicking butt) Jay brushed off the old Minor League Brewers' Barrel Man, and another fan favorite, Bonnie Brewer complete with broom and did a pin-up in the style of Mr. Garcia. No word if the Two-Fisted Slopper/Slobber is next.