Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The first entry comes from Robb!

This is the TRUE version of the Billy Goats Gruff you won't read about in storybooks. This ages-old legend has an untold secret in the form of the baby sister of the famed Gruff brothers. The Gruffs could not have gotten over the bridge without the ingenuity and inventions of their petite family member. The arrogant, macho billy goats never admitted the truth, and loved basking in the glory of their heroic exploit. One cannot forget the tale's famed villain, who like the billygoats... was not as he seemed.

Follow Hilde's adventures in her struggles with her older siblings, inventing new gadgets and making friends with a misunderstood outcast.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We’ve been on hiatus for a while, and hopefully we can start dropping some new art on a somewhat regular basis... That being said, here we go with the third incarnation of Fetch-a-Sketch! Things will run pretty much the same as before, with the exception of a new feature here at FaS — the inclusion of a piece done by a guest artist! We are hoping to get a few submissions per challenge from some outside talent, and the favorite one (judged by me, of course) will be included with the boys’ own entries! So... without further adieu... the first challenge of 2009! It is weird to type that, since it IS July...

The wife and I went to a movie a few weeks back, and the only one we could agree on was Disney and Pixar’s UP... We’ve enjoyed all their previous flicks, and we were brimming with excitement for this one since we read so many positive reviews... It blew the soaked Depends® right off our hips!!!!!! Heartwarming, hilarious, and dramatic... It had everything... Great animation, great characters, great dialogue... I cried! I laughed!! I cheered!!! I can’t stop talking about it... My favorite movie of the year!!!!

So, my challenge to the boys is as follows...
1) to come up with a conceptual rendering of a character(s) for an animated feature film
2) a logo for the name of the film
3) a SHORT synopsis of what the movie is all about...
The rendering should be between a rough sketch and final illustration -- dont spend too much time on it... I want this all to be a little rough, as if I were to take the ideas to pitch it to one of the animation houses for development...

Have fun with it!!! And whoever is following us here on this blog, feel free to participate! Tell your artist friends, too!!!!! Send your questions/submissions to sweetunclelou at

And we will see all you fans back here in one month for the results!