Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fetching: With or Without Pulp

Back in my formative years, I didn’t have things like video games, dvd’s or flashy toy line-inspired cartoons to entertain me. I had to find other things to jump-start my creative imagination. So, I would stroll down to the corner dime store to pick up a few comic books, phosphates, and Baby Ruths to put me into a sugar-induced stupor. Occasionally I would grab a Pulp magazine or novel and sneak it past my mother who thought these things were “The Devils Literature”. The stories were intense, adult orientated (by yesteryear’s standards) and sometimes horrifying. But the thing that made me pick up these books and magazines were the gorgeously rendered covers. I want you three to create some artwork inspired by the pulp literature of the early to mid-twentieth century. Now remember, Pulp magazines were a way of “escape” back in the old days. You had your choice of many genres like science-fiction, westerns, horror, detective mysteries, and exotic adventure stories. The possibilities are endless! Now make Unca Lou proud!

Reposting Fetch

Originally posted on TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2007
Fetching: Well Placed Coal and Carrots!

Once again, Wisconsin is covered with a thick blanket of snow. When I was clearing the driveway yesterday, I turned the chute on the snowblower just enough to hit the neighbor kid with an 800 rpm blast of winter. He barely even flinched. Why? He was totally focused on building the perfect snowman. That sent me on stroll down memory lane. Of course, the snowmen I built as a child never turned out the way I imagined them. Weather conditions and gravity always conspired against me. But the sky's the limit when you're drawing snowmen, and you don't even have struggle to put on your one-piece snowsuit. So, get to it! Draw a winter scene using snowmen, snowwomen, snowanimals, whatever your heart desires! Your snow creations can be wearing/wielding human clothes/props, just don't put any real people in your drawing. Make them expressive... tell a story without using a word!

Originally posted on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2007

It seems to be on everyone’s mind these days... My back is killing me today from shoveling out my neighbor's Buick Le Sabre. I have had it, you blustery bringer of precipitous flakes... Time to fly north, Old Man Winter!!!!!! Anyway, without further adieu, here are the latest entries!!!

CSI: Antarctica
Artwork courtesy of Jay Matz

The Great Magic Snowman Race
Artwork courtesy of Robb Mommaerts

Taste the ARRR-tic sting of my blade!
Artwork courtesy of Joel Haase

Reposting Fetches

Starting with the 2007 fetches, here is the first entry of the year...

Originally posted on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2006

Fetching: In brightest day, in blackest night...
In the past week or so, the creative world has suffered two losses.
The first was that of one Martin Nodell, age 91, creator of the DC
comics character The Green Lantern. The other was a personal hero
of mine... Joe Barbera, age 95, half of the dynamic duo behind all of
the great Hanna-Barbera cartoons we have grown up with since the
sixties. In tribute, Sweet Uncle Lou of the Fetch-a-Sketch now calls
upon his artists to create an illustration depicting any of the beings
that have worn the mighty ring of The Green Lantern — YOU PICK!
You have Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle
Rayner... even Kilowog! There are tons to choose from. It’s up to
you... But wait, that’s not all, fanboys... You must also render a
Hanna-Barbera character to interact with your GL. Have at ’er, lads.
Make me proud!

Originally posted SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2007

Look at the ring! Look at the ring!
It is time to bring in the New Year, and this post we see that green is
the new black, jack! Take a look-see, art lovers, and check out the
tribute-tastical job my boys did!

The Herculoids accept the challenge as Green Lantern
Alan Scott "rings" in the new year!
Artwork courtesy of Robb Mommaerts

Green Lantern G’Nort fails to give Magilla Gorilla the business end of his ring.
Artwork courtesy of Joel Haase

Green Lantern John Stewart takes on the The Great Gazoo
as Fred Flintstone, Shaggy and Yogi Bear witness the "Daily Show" of force.
Artwork courtesy of Jay Matz

Archive of Past Fetches

All righty then... I was up all night with my trusty webmaster, otherwise known as my much better half — my darling Clementine. We were trying to figure out a way to regain my standing with my artists after I had accidentally deleted their blog... She finagled a way of posting a gallery of all the boys’ fetches thus far...

Click on the handsome beast of a woman below to check them out!

Past Fetches

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

technical difficulties... please stand by...

GAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Welcome back, folks. I seemed to have pulled a Munson and deleted the old blog. DAG-NABBIT! My trigger-happy finger seemed to clicked when it should have clacked. All those posts with all those beautiful illustrations... GONE! Don’t worry, I’ll get the guys crackin’ on Fetch-A-Sketch 2.0!!!!! Be patient.. Soon... we will return!!!!!!! In the meantime, I will try to get a gallery up of the past challenges for everyone to re-gander at.