Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fetching: With or Without Pulp

Back in my formative years, I didn’t have things like video games, dvd’s or flashy toy line-inspired cartoons to entertain me. I had to find other things to jump-start my creative imagination. So, I would stroll down to the corner dime store to pick up a few comic books, phosphates, and Baby Ruths to put me into a sugar-induced stupor. Occasionally I would grab a Pulp magazine or novel and sneak it past my mother who thought these things were “The Devils Literature”. The stories were intense, adult orientated (by yesteryear’s standards) and sometimes horrifying. But the thing that made me pick up these books and magazines were the gorgeously rendered covers. I want you three to create some artwork inspired by the pulp literature of the early to mid-twentieth century. Now remember, Pulp magazines were a way of “escape” back in the old days. You had your choice of many genres like science-fiction, westerns, horror, detective mysteries, and exotic adventure stories. The possibilities are endless! Now make Unca Lou proud!

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