Wednesday, June 18, 2008


HEY HEY HEY!!!!! Uncle Lou is back! I just returned from my vacation in the Poconos with my special lady. I have a sunburn that would make Aunt Jemima jealous! I also had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of my sketchers!! That's right! Jay was wed this past weekend to his lovely fiancee. It was a rip-roarin' good time. I of course, had to be a good boy, so I didn't do any drinking. Ever since the pollup incident, the doc told me no more bubbly brews. So, I am an official teetotaller now.

Check out the movie posters Robb and Joel did for the lovely couple as wedding gifts. They are based on aspects of the couple's relationship and are inspired by real movie posters. Marvelous, boys... Here is hoping that this is the start of a brand new influx of art. According to that last post, we haven't seen anything since February? Say what?!!!

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